Gaming Headset Astro a40 TR Review [2023] 

A short time ago, headphone giant Astro was primarily known for its premium luxury equipment. In recent times they’ve made an image for themselves in the low-cost market and are aggressively moving into that booming segment.

The news that Astro was finally deciding to launch a brand new high-end gaming headset, the topic of our in-depth Astro a40 TR review, was a pleasant surprise. After a long time, the headset finally slid onto our desk two weeks ago!

Do they really live up to the hype?

The astro a40 headset is our current favorite gaming headset (and standard set). In this astro a40 review, We hope you’ll stick around to find out why we like this Astro a40 headset and why we believe you will.



  • The comfort of a long time
  • Superior audio quality
  • Fantastic customization options
  • The optional Astro a40 MixAmp function works.


  • The design may only be appealing to some.
  • Costly, but not excessively so, microphone that has a slightly more nasal tone


Astro a40 is made mainly of plastic, with metallic accents to hold the two ears to the frame. The ear cups are secured high on the headband. There’s plenty of soft cotton padding. The headband’s plastic construction makes it appear more affordable than it is, but it’s surprisingly elastic. All of this makes the A40 TR 369g weighty. However, this A40 TR is often comfortable for long gaming sessions that last many hours.

astros a40 comes in many colors, including some that are less flashy (such as Black XB and Black PS); however, the X-Edition model we reviewed features a striking blue and red color scheme. Whatever color you choose, the Astro a40 headset is large and heavy for portable use. The microphone cannot be detached, and the headset does not fold; instead, it must be rotated until they rest on the floor.

One of the most intriguing features about Astro a40 is the option of changing with plastic plates on the exterior of the earcups, which can be removed due to magnets. This Mod Kit allows you to customize the color of your headset at the cost of USD 59. Along with closed-back headset covers, which have a silicone baffle to block sound and noise, the kit comes with ear cushions made of synthetic leather, which help create a sense of passive isolation, and an additional microphone.


the a40 headset was not a unanimous choice. I was wearing it for hours without issue. However, it took a bit of trial and trial and error to make it a good fit. It’s not too heavy at 13 ounces, and its weight is well spread. The earcups are soft but not too much that they’re uncomfortable without affecting the sound.

However, I gifted my headset Astro a40 to a colleague who hated the top of the headband. She thought the padding was insufficient, and the A40 TR had been firmly on her head throughout the duration. She could not fix the issue because the headset didn’t allow easy adjustment, so she reduced the impact.

Because our heads are about identical in size and have approximately the same hair, my top advice is to test the astro a40s in the store or at a trade show before buying.

Astro a40 Features 

The astros a40s headset comes with numerous advanced technology and design features, making it an ideal choice for audio and gaming music enthusiasts. Here are its primary features:

  • Surround Sound: Dolby Atmos ‘ surround-sound technology has been integrated inside the Astro A40. It gives you a whole sound experience, which puts you in the center of all the excitement. It allows you to listen to sounds in three dimensions. When you have the appropriate material to source, you’ll be able to hear sounds from below, above, and around you.
  • Customizable Audio: The a40 astro headset features an amplifier built inside the cord, meaning you can adjust the volume and sound settings to suit your needs. You can adjust bass, volume, and treble levels to ensure that your music or game sounds precise as you want it to.
  • Comfortable Design: The headset Astro a40 is designed to be gentle on the ears. The ear cups are padded and are made from a fabric that allows air to pass through. They are easy to wear for an extended duration. The headband can also be adjusted and can be adjusted to fit a range of head sizes.
  • High-Quality Microphone: The headset has an excellent microphone that cancels out background noise, so your voice is clear and loud. The microphone is also movable; you can take it off whenever you do not need it.
  • Interchangeable Cables:  Astro TR40 has an audio cable that can be detached and a detachable microphone cable that allows you to quickly change between headsets or cables when required.
  • Customizable Look: You can alter the appearance of your headset Astro A40 by buying different color kits. It lets you customize it to the perfect fit for your design.
  • MixAmp Pro TR: Astro a40 mixamp Pro TR is a device you can purchase to gain additional features and control of your sound. It lets you alter the settings for your audio, find the perfect balance between game and chat sounds, and many more.

Audio Quality of Astro a40

The Astro a40 headset offers excellent wireless sound and is less risk of lag than the A50.

The A40 isn’t equipped with wireless which means you’ll need to configure it to make the process of connecting cables simple. However, if you can make it work, it will provide top-quality sound that’s clear throughout all areas, has excellent bass, and is easy to identify sound cues. Although it might need to be more precise with directions or as evident in audio as the A50, the headset is a top-quality product.

It is possible to alter the volume levels for mic communications to ensure you’ll be heard. However, other than that, there are no problems.

There are two additional aspects of sound worthy of mentioning.

The audio controller of astro a40 allows you to alter your game and chat audio for two-channel Dolby Surround streaming, making this headset an excellent option for those just beginning their journey with streaming.

There is also a “daisy chain” cable that connects digital audio for listening and talking. You can cut down on lag by making use of this cable.

Microphone quality

As a gaming headset, the microphone on the astro a40 is well-made. It’s attached to the back of the headset, and it rotates around the earcup once you turn it down. Moving closer or away from your mouth makes it easy to determine the ideal distance to speak from. Personal point of view, we’ve tested it on a few Discord calls, which was good. The microphone is loud and clear, even though it occasionally sounds distorted. Since there’s no signal processing built into the unit, the noise of your surroundings will not be reduced or altered in any manner.

Gaming Performance

The A40 TR performs when it matters, providing incredibly rich, well-balanced, rich, and nuanced audio across the various genres I tried it out with. I tried the headset with FPS, RTS, RPG, MMO, and action/adventure games on PC, PS4, and Switch and found that it could perform admirably in all genres. (The Astro a40 headset can be used on the Xbox One if you have the latest controller or an adapter to older controllers.)

The astro a40 had the directional sound of Destiny 2, letting me know where my adversaries came from. It created an extraordinary balance between the stunning sounds and the artificial music from StarCraft Remastered. From the dialogue in Thronebreaker: The Witcher Tales to the sounds of the city in Marvel’s Spider-Man, The A40 TR is awe-inspiring and real-time.

The only drawback is the absence of a knob for controlling volume. If you have a computer that has buttons for managing media, it’s okay. However, it is the case that both the PS4 and Xbox One do not have the most intuitive controls for volume, forcing the user to choose an amount that is slightly too loud or quiet or constantly adjust the volume. This can be annoying for single-player games and difficult in multiplayer games.

How is it operated?

The TR’s options of Astro a40 for controlling are pretty restricted (unless you’re planning to invest much more in extras). This model has no noise cancellation or other features as opposed to competitors, which use USB cables and software to enhance the headset’s functionality. The A40 TR has no volume controls at all! The only thing you can hold on the A40 TR is a mute switch built inside the power cord.

How is the Astro a40 headset attached?

The headset can connect to a variety of devices by using these methods:

  • 3.5mm audio jack: Utilizing the 3.5mm audio connector, the headset  Astro a40 headphones can connect to devices like tablets, smartphones, and game consoles that are portable.
  • USB connection: With the supplied USB cable, The Astro A40 TR headset may connect to other devices, such as computer systems and Macs. This allows using an audio device called astro MixAmp Pro TR and access to the Astro Command Center software to make sophisticated audio settings and personalization.
  • Wireless connection: Using the MixAmp Pro TR, the headset can wirelessly connect to various devices like Xbox or PlayStation consoles. This eliminates the necessity of wires for changing the audio settings and balancing chat and game audio.

Final verdict 

The headset Astro A40 is a fantastic choice for audiophiles and gamers who want a top-quality packed headset with many features. It offers an enhanced audio experience, Dolby Atmos surround sound and audio settings that can be programmed. Thanks to the ergonomic shape, top microphone, and cords that can be interchanged, it’s a flexible and straightforward solution. MixAmp Pro TR is an accessory that can be added to the headset for excellent control options and features. In addition, the headset can be used with many platforms, which makes it a perfect choice for users who utilize many devices.

However, the headset Astro a40 is priced on the higher end of the spectrum, and some might find it very heavy and bulky. But those looking to purchase a premium headset should consider using this headset.

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