6 Best Cat Food In India For Healthy growth 

Best Cat Food In India

Being a pet owner is certainly not an easy undertaking….. However, we’ve made it a little easier for you because we’ve put together a list of the best cat food in India to provide your cat with the most delicious food experience.

Finding the most suitable cat food brands is an exhausting task. The search for millions of online products that have different ingredients can be quite complicated, however, finding the most suitable option to feed your pet is important.

The kind of food you select or plan to switch to for your cat will depend on many variables. It could be determined by their age, race, and so on. For instance, Persian cat food is somewhat distinct from the other food however, in the end, evaluation, you must give your cat the finest food available.

Cats are obligate carnivores which means they are obligate carnivores and have a physical requirement for meat. Cats may be capable of digesting a small number of certain plant foods but meat should always be the primary ingredient of their diet, and it should be sourced from top-quality animal sources.

The best cat food is made with animal protein as its primary ingredient. It also contains lots of healthy animal fats as well as very few carbohydrates. Avoid buying cat food made of wheat, corn, or soy or with artificial additives like artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives.

The process of buying cat food can be a challenge due to the sheer number of options available. If you aren’t aware of the nutritional requirements of your cat and know how to read labeling, the process isn’t easy.

You don’t need to worry…as we’ve compiled listed the top cat food brands in India and you are able to pick from a variety of options based on your preferences. To find out more about the best cat food in India, keep reading. 

Top 6 Best Cat Food In India

You might be wondering which cat food is best in India. Well, we gathered a list of the best cat food in India available in 2022: 

1- Whiskas Kitten Food

Whiskas provide one of the best kitten food in India. It comes in a variety of flavors of kitten food, however, this kibble with a seafood flavor is worth taking note of. The chow offers a complete and balanced diet for energetic kittens. It is packed with the benefits of wholegrain cereals as well as chicken products. This kibble has the natural flavor of ocean fish that instantly entices kittens. This includes complete food for kittens and can last for one month, based on the usage.

This bag of dry cat food comes with 41 important nutrients that will give your kitten a strong immune system and plenty of energy to play with.

2- Drools Dry Cat Food

Second on the list of best cat food in India is drools. With genuine ocean fish, This dry cat food provides complete nutrition and energy to cats. It is a great source of essential minerals and vitamins that will aid your cat’s development. The best cat food options contain probiotics as well as natural fibers. It aids in digestion and the flow of bowels. The cat food can improve the appearance of fur and keep it healthy and prevent hairball formation. A box filled with Drools cat dry foods can keep for longer than 30 days.

This cat food is guaranteed to provide the complete nutrition of your pet and provides an increased protein content due to the high protein content and the ingredients.

3- Castor & Pollux 

Many of the best cat food in India that are available don’t make use of organic ingredients. But If you’re looking to give your cat the finest of the most nutritious organic cat food brands could be the best choice. Our top choice of organic pet food comes from Castor & Pollux, a firm that was established over a quarter of a century ago and is still one of the leaders in the natural and organic cat food industry. Actually, Castor & Pollux was the first to launch an entire line of natural pet food.

Small batches of food are made to ensure the integrity of nutrition, Castor & Pollux Organix cat food is made using authentic lamb, chicken, and salmon, as their main ingredient. Each recipe is guaranteed to be of the highest quality, providing an all-inclusive nutritional balance. This brand supplements every recipe with flaxseed, an organic source of omega fatty acids that are beneficial for coat and skin health, in addition to fiber that aids the digestion of your cat and plenty of protein to build lean muscles.

4- Nature’s Variety

The moisture content of cat food is high to help keep your cat hydrated. It’s also less carbohydrate-rich than dry food, and more awe-inspiring in flavor. The texture can also appeal to picky eaters. If you’re looking for a high-end brand of cat food made with only the finest ingredients, we suggest Nature’s Variety, specifically the Instinct range of products. A privately-owned natural pet food business, Nature’s Variety has mastered the art of making delicious and nutritious wet food for cats.

Its Instinct range of items by Nature’s Variety is designed to give the nutrients of raw food while offering the ease of cat food that is traditional. The company aims to make every recipe as simple and clean as it is possible using natural meats, digestible carbs, and healthy ingredients to ensure balanced and complete nutrition. Each recipe is also filled with a natural flavor that will satisfy your cat’s hunger for meat.

5- Royal Canin Persian Adult

Royal Canin consists of premium high-quality ingredients, including high-quality proteins, borage oil, and psyllium husks. It also contains chicory fiber animal fats and meat. This is a two-kilogram pack that is suitable for adult Persian cats. Four kilograms, 400 grams, or 15 kilograms are available. Similar packs are also available for Persian kittens regular fit, as well as second-age kittens. It is packed with healthy fats such as fish oil as well as soya oils for beautiful skin and lustrous coats.

Fructooligosaccharides and manno-oligosaccharides together with antioxidants like lutein, taurine, vitamin E & C promote proper digestion and help to maintain the well-being of the digestive system. L-lysine’s presence reduces the risk of transmission of viruses and helps to reduce the risk of illness caused by herpes viruses. Additionally, the proper mineral balance helps maintain our cat’s urinary tract. With many benefits, this is the best Persian cat food in India.

6- Meo Sea Food

Meo seafood isn’t just nutritious and balanced in nutrition, but also tasty. The taste of the seafood is sure to be appreciated even by cats. Its health advantages are endless. This product is specifically created to lower the chance of developing lower urinary tract Disorders. The presence of Omega-3 and 6, in combination with Zinc, aids in maintaining the health of fur and skin. Vitamin C increases their immune system and lessens the negative consequences of stress. It’s a source of amino acids such as taurine that can help improve your cat’s eyesight.

The bones and teeth are strengthened due to being nourished by Calcium, Phosphorus, and Vitamin D. The most notable aspect of this food is the low sodium content which helps reduce the risk of heart and kidney diseases and lowers the risk for excessive blood pressure. It comes in a 3 kilograms package. It’s easy to digest, and the addition of fresh shrimps, fish, and meat make it a favorite among cat owners. It is budget-friendly. Meo seafood has been rated as the top cat food available in India at a reasonable price.


The best cat food in India must contain plenty of protein-rich and healthy ingredients and other important nutrients to support the development, growth, health, and well-being of these adorable animals.

Since they are our beloved pets and our companions, we have to give our cats all the love they deserve and make sure that they’re healthy throughout their life. We’ve compiled a complete and endless list of the top cat food brands that are available across the nation.

All cats might not have the same tastes so if they don’t enjoy a particular product, you should definitely test some of the items listed above and choose the one that is the best for you. This article on cat food is over. It is our obligation to care for our animals.

It is, therefore, crucial for you to make the best choice in purchasing the correct feline food. Use the complete buyer’s guide, which provides all the elements you should consider prior to purchasing. We also offer detailed reviews of the ten best cat food brands as well as links to purchase the food.