The best coffee for cold brew worth checking

Although cold brew coffee grounds appears to be a power move for every trendy coffee vendor these days, the practice was first introduced to Japan in the 17th century by Dutch traders who shared their technique for the steeped brew that kept them awake on lengthy travels. Today, cold brew is a staple in coffee shops and a quick and easy way to make coffee at home. It may also be a pleasant addition to some of your favorite cocktails.

Here are our top 8 favorite professional-approved best coffee for cold brew right now to get you started on your cold brew journey.

Brandywine Coffee Roasters Ethiopia Yirgacheffe – Best Single Origin 

best coffee for cold brew

A national finalist for the US Coffee Championships Coffee in Good Spirits competition, Mika Turbo, says that Ethiopia Yirgacheffe from Brandywine Coffee Roasters is her best coffee for cold brew in cocktails (USCIS). This cold brew coffee grounds was raised 1,400 meters above sea level in Ethiopia’s Yirgacheffe region. Coffee is first dried in cherries for two days before continuing to dry on raised beds—the light single-origin beans with coconut and raspberry undertones.

Turbo declares, “I believe it to be the ideal accompaniment to various spirits and cocktails.” I’ve loved it lately in a Smoked Pia Colada.

Coffee Bros Cold Brew Blend – Best Blend

best coffee for cold brew

Two brothers who love fine coffee created the fledgling firm Coffee Bros. They stand out for their dedication to excellent sourcing and small-batch roasting, guaranteeing that each roast receives the respect and care it merits. Their medium roast cold brew coffee grounds Blend is expertly formulated to highlight the juicy, sweet tastes you desire in a cool beverage.

This cold brew coffee beans begins with a combination of 100% Arabica beans from Minas Gerais, Brazil, and Yirgacheffe, Ethiopia, two of the world’s top growing locations. They use organically processed beans because they have a higher level of inherent sweetness and gently roast them to bring out this quality. The end product is a smooth brew with notes of chocolate, cherry, and brown sugar which makes it the best coffee for cold brew.

Lifeboost Coffee Single Origin – Best Organic 

best coffee for cold brew

Coffee expert Thomas Fultz of Coffeeble says, “I adore anything coffee, and cold brews are no different.” But several elements, including cost, ingredients, and pesticide usage, go into creating a decent and best coffee for cold brew. The Lifeboost Single Origin is unquestionably the best option if you’re looking for the best coffee grounds. Their roasts are free of mycotoxin and pesticides, hand-picked, and rinsed in spring water. When cold brewed, all of their roasts taste incredible!

Their low-acid medium roast has undertones of wood and sweet chocolate that bring out the most in the single-origin tastes—lifeboost from the mountains of Nicaragua sources Arabica and Maragogipe beans.

Out Of The Gray Honduras Comsa – Best Single Origin

best coffee for cold brew

A highly adaptable medium-bodied single-origin coffee, Out of the Grey’s Honduras Comsa is excellent, either hot or cold. Despite being a black roast, It is still the best cold brew coffee grounds because it has a noticeable acidity when brewed hot. However, the cold brew method dramatically reduces this, leaving you with a super-smooth drink with flavors of honeydew melon, peach, delicate flowers, and a bitter chocolate aftertaste.

This Fairtrade coffee tastes fantastic, and purchasing it helps Café Orgánico Marcala, a worthy cause (COMSA). This cold brew coffee grounds, established in 2001, intends to assist small-scale coffee producers in the Honduran Marcala area by increasing development prospects and promoting improved agricultural techniques. You may get whole beans or pre-ground coffee from Out of the Grey. If you decide to go with pre-ground, select the “coarse” option, which is appropriate for French press or cold brew. It is the best coffee for cold brew that you should try out.

GRADY’S COLD BREW BEAN BAGS – Best New Orleans-Style Brew

best coffee for cold brew

GRADY’S COLD BREW is the best option if we talk about the best coffee for cold brew. These days, enjoying a delicious cup of coffee made in the style of New Orleans doesn’t require a French press, a cold brew machine, or even a trip to NOLA. Grady’s hard brew bags include coffee, spices, and chicory . To increase your concentration, place the bags in a pitcher, fill it with water, and let it soak for 12 to 24 hours. There is no more manageable situation than that. If you’re unsure if you’d like coffee with chicory, think of this: Our discriminating critic claims it’s the best cold brew coffee grounds he’s ever tasted and drinks it every day.


best coffee for cold brew

Starbucks’ most recent offering is for you if you always add an extra pump (or three) of your preferred syrup to your cold brew. The aroma of freshly baked cookies permeates the grounds alone, and when you take a drink, you taste rich vanilla and caramel undertones. When finished, the dish is sweet but not so; if you use flavored creamer, you may add a little less. It’s again the best coffee for cold brewing that is worth checking

Brewing advice: For a more subtle variation on the chain’s cold beers with cold foam on top, whisk some heavy cream to pour on top.

Counter Culture Hologram – Boldest Flavor

best coffee for cold brew

Whoa, what was that? Have you ever rolled your eyes at the $6 price tag on a cup of cold brew before taking a sip? After trying half a dozen prominent hipster brands, Counter Culture is the closest and best coffee for cold brew that we’ve gotten to recreating that experience at home. The depth and complexity of the brew make it seem worth the premium. We like its dark roast, known as Forty-Six, but Hologram is a very different animal; it combines many distinct coffees to produce a full-bodied beverage with multiple flavors, making it among the best coffee grounds for cold brew. The scents shift from strawberry to chocolaty as you sip.

Hugo Roasters Cold Brew Coffee

best coffee for cold brew

Additionally, this business handles all the work for you. Each pound of coffee sold by Hugo Roasters benefits a shelter dog in need. It is coarsely ground and includes chocolate, almonds, and spice undertones. I enjoy purchasing goods that help the adorable furry animals I adore.

There is a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee on these Utah-grown, ethically sourced beans. Using their New Trick Light Roast (whole bean) for cold brew would also be an excellent idea. It is the best coffee to make cold brew not because it is bursting with taste but also has a negligible environmental impact, and the makers can donate a portion of their income to a good cause.