8 Most Popular Brown cat breeds (With Images)

In brown cat breeds, Cats with solid coloration can be challenging to locate. Havana Brown is likely the only dark brown cat you have encountered. Most cats sport stripes, points, or tabby markings on their coats. Solid cats usually have solid, either white or black. It’s uncommon to find an unmarked brown cat without any markings. However, certain breeds are predominantly brown and are the best option for you to find an animal with brown markings.

This article will look at seven stunning brown cat breeds, usually brown, to help you identify the cat you’ve been looking for.

The 8 Brown Cat Breeds:

1. Havana Brown

brown cat breed

Lifespan                                 8–13 years

Weight                                    8–12 pounds

Temperament                     Sensitive, playful, affectionate

Havana Brown is a medium-sized short-haired brown cat breed that is only — as the name implies, brown. They’re a deep mahogany brown; to be more precise, they could be lighter or darker. They are playful, beautiful brown cats, but sometimes they can be lonely and enjoy playing by themselves with their favorite toys. But, they do become close to their owners and form strong bonds with a single person. They are a great companion. Havana Brown is a full brown cat and scarce breed. It is under a collective effort from breeders to keep the breed from extinction.

2. Burmese

brown cat breed

Lifespan                          9–16 years

Weight                              8–15 pounds

Temperament               Active, curious, playful

The Burmese are usually brown cats but can also be seen in various colors, such as cream and lilac. They are lively and friendly felines constantly seeking human companionship. They don’t like being left on their own. These brown cat breeds are incredibly social. Burmese is also a curious cat that loves getting to know every corner of your home. They’re playful cats that maintain their playful nature into adulthood.

Cats are frequently described as dogs and will be part of your every moment. However, they also appreciate their time in solitude and must be provided with many toys to keep them engaged.

3. York Chocolate

brown cat breed

Lifespan                               13–15 years

Weight                                   10–16 pounds

Temperament                    Affectionate, friendly, active

York Chocolate cats have medium-length coats that have soft fluffy undercoats. They appear to be chocolate brown or even lavender. There is feathering of hair between toes as well as within the ears which makes them quite a brown fluffy cat. These brown cat breeds come with various eye colors such as green, golden, or brown.

They are affectionate and love children and other pets. They are a lot of fun to be around, but they may be shy with strangers.They also love to talk! This brown haired cat will meow and twirl as if conversing with you. The cats are very active and are skilled hunters.

4. Devon Rex

brown cat breed

Lifespan                           10–15 years

Weight                               8 pounds

Temperament                Active, friendly, intelligent

Devon Rex cats have soft curly coats that have Elf-like characteristics. They have big ears, prominent cheekbones, and distinctive eyes.Primarily, they are brown cats, they also sport lilac, cream, and blue coats with diverse marks. The legs of the lizard are long and have tiny oval claws.

A rough brushing session can harm their curly coats. Therefore, it is essential to take care when grooming cats. They’re active and playful. Their intelligence levels are high and make them a breeze to train. They love being with humans and can be friendly with strangers.

5. Oriental Shorthair

brown cat breed

Lifespan                         13–14 years

Weight                             8–12 pounds

Temperament              Affectionate, sociable, intelligent

Large ears and angular faces give Oriental Shorthair cats the ability to command a room once they enter. They may appear distant, yet they are anything but They are cordial with both people and other animals.

These brown cat breeds come with different variations such as silver, gray, beige, lilac, orange, or white coats. They talk a lot and are pretty active. They are known as “Velcro” cats since they follow you around and are constantly curious about what you’re doing. Oriental Shorthairs are not as uncommon compared to other cats on this list. Despite this, they are lovely and make fantastic family members.

6. British Shorthair

brown cat breed

Lifespan                           14–20 years

Weight                              12–17 pounds

Temperament               Easy-going, calm, friendly

This pedigreed form of brown cats is similar to the domestic cat seen in Britain. One of the earliest brown cat breeds in existence, it first appeared in the first century AD. The cat has a broad face, a big, strong, short body, no undercoat, and a dense, short coat. British Blue is the breed’s most well-known and original standard color; however other hues and patterns are also available, including brown. It makes for a friendly, devoted, easygoing pet who wants to be around family and is somewhat active rather than being held, carried, picked up, or a lap cat.

7. Persian

brown cat breed

Lifespan                       10–18 years

Weight                           8–15 pounds

Temperament           Quiet, affectionate, intelligent

One of the many hues the Persians can have is solid brown. This brown fur cat is renowned for being calm, sweet, and docile. It enjoys lounging or serving as a lap cat. Green or blue-green eyes, a plumed tail, and a short, stocky body are all present. This fluffy brown cat breed is easily identified thanks to its flat face and long, fur. The traditional, earlier cat form has a more pronounced muzzle, and attempts are being made to maintain this type and prevent the health issues associated with brachycephalic cats.

8. Chausie

brown cat breed

Lifespan                    15–20 years

Weight                       9–20 pounds

Temperament        Intelligent, energetic, adventurous

Chausie cats are coarse with short brown-colored coats. They resemble cougars thanks to their ears, which are wedge-shaped and have high cheekbones. This brown colored cat look is completed with hairs that cover the upper earlobes. Their long, tall bodies make them one of the giant cats in the world.

It is believed that the Chausie cat was developed by crossing domestic cats and wild cats, referred to as Jungle Cats. They keep their wild look. However, the breed is wholly domesticated and is a great pet. They are active and can be great companions to other animals and children.