February 7, 2023
cat barbed penis

Cat barbed penis looks painful for the female if you observe the two cats mating. Female cats make screaming noises during mating because of the keratinized penile spines that are present in the cat’s penis. These mammals are not the first ones to have penis barbs. But what kind of purpose do they serve? Keep reading the whole article to get information about cat penis barbs and how it helps during reproduction.

What are penile spines?

cat barbed penis

Understanding the male anatomy of the cat is not fully easy. A barbed cat penis is similar to small spikes and only shows them when they are about to mate with a female feline. When the mating is over, the penis instantly withdraws back to the skin when the mating is over. Like a cat’s tongue, these cat barbs are rough. The texture of a cat’s tongue papillae aids in gripping food and pulling flesh from bones during eating. But it doesn’t look useful for mating, right? So what is the purpose of barbs?

Stimulating Ovulation

One motive of the cats barbed penis is to help with a female’s ovulation. Females do not ovulate before sexual intercourse. Instead, the barbs activate the female cat’s vulva during intercourse, causing her body to then release an egg. This is painful for the female, but it is necessary for the procedure.

Stop her from fleeing.

male cat barbed penis keeps the female from running until the mating process has been completed. It looks a little brutal, but it is necessary. Cats are animals that choose to be alone and run from the pain. Mating is harmful for female cats, not just because of the barbs, but because the male cats also bite their necks back during sexual intercourse.

Cats Aren’t Born With Penile Penis

cats barbed genitalia don’t come at birth. According to the Mar Vista Animal Medical Center, a veterinary hospital in California, cats go through puberty at the age of 6 months. At this stage, the penis develops barbs because they help in reproduction.