Selina Tested Series , Actors and Complete Story

Selina Tested

What exactly is Selina Tested Series about, and why are Nigerians so obsessed with This series? With 25 episodes already released, Selina Tested, which is in its debut season, has garnered an average of more than one million viewers per episode. Social media and streaming platforms are certainly the main drivers for the Nollywood industry. … Read more

Who is Devin Sran? Devin Sran’s Complete Story

Devin Sran

Devin Sran’s Story: A Passionate Influencer As we get older, we all seek an influencer, a reference, or an incentive to do something. We continue to search for different ways to tap into our potential; however, only a handful of us have the influence we search for. We do not look for positive platforms. One … Read more

Top 10 Best Adventure Movies to enjoy in 2022

best Adventure Movies

Top 10 Best Adventure Movies to enjoy in 2022. What makes a great adventure film?  When you go through these films, you’ll find an incredible array of stories of survival and amazing human endurance feats, each one of them has the theme of humans’ instinctive desire to travel to the most remote places on Earth.  … Read more