How to unmute someone on instagram

How to unmute someone on instagram

There are various reasons to mute someone’s Instagram posts or stories. However, such explanations do not always imply that you intend to keep them muted indefinitely. You can unmute their posts or accounts if you change your mind. On a computer, you won’t be able to unmute postings, but you can do so on your … Read more

What is SnapTik? – How to Use This Tiktok Downloader App.

tiktok downloader

SnapTik is an excellent tiktok downloader app for users. Here’s everything you should be aware of snaptik. Presently, TikTok is a social network that users widely use. As a result of using the application, it is possible to save another person’s tiktok download video onto our phones. But, the video after downloading can be blocked … Read more

How to uninstall faceit from computer Effectively

how to uninstall faceit from computer

Finding it difficult to uninstall faulty software on your PC can be quite frustrating. However, don’t worry, as you’ll discover how to uninstall faceit from computer here. Uninstalling FaceIt errors can also result in a variety of issues. It is therefore essential to uninstall FaceIt and eliminate all its files. Some of the problems users … Read more

How To Clear Instagram Cache (The Right Way)

clear instagram cache

Do you want to know how to clear cache on instagram? Learn how to clear instagram cache right here, Whether it is on Mobile or on Computer! Every app that displays pictures is likely to contain a cache. In the event that your smartphone is low on storage and it is a problem, it can … Read more

Realme buds air pro review 2022

Realme buds air pro

Realme buds air pro Review Rich with Bass and ANC Quality. The realme Buds Air Pro is the version that has been upgraded from that of the initial realme Buds Air, hence the inclusion of the “Pro” moniker in the name. In addition to the name change and a new logo, the Buds Air Pro … Read more

Realme 7 5G review 2022 – Hbomagazine

Realme 7 5G

Realme 7 5G review 2022 Another great affordable phone made by Realme Challenger label Realme is back with the announcement of its first phone with 5G, the Realme 7 5G. Like all phones made by this company, Realme 7 5G review packs a lot of value at a meager price. With the announcement of the … Read more

PS5 review: The future of gaming consoles is here

PS5 review

PS5 review Sony’s PlayStation 5 delivers on its promise of next-gen gaming. The PS5 remains popular two years after its launch, but it is still challenging to find the stock in many countries. It’s a great gaming machine that offers a real generational leap over the PS4. You can also enjoy 4K@60fps gaming without breaking … Read more

what is reverse image search and how to do?

Reverse image search

What is REVERSE IMAGE SEARCH  Reverse image search lets you discover the most similar images on the internet. It is possible to search by image or keyword, or through its URL image to locate memes, photos, profile images, pictures of friends and wallpapers as well as find image source. How to Do a Reverse Image … Read more

Samsung Galaxy A72 (SM-A725M/DS)-Full Phone Specification

What is the Samsung Galaxy A72 price in Pakistan? The Samsung Galaxy A72 cost in Pakistan is Rs 82999. It’s not the most expensive phone but since it’s from a well-known company like Samsung Galaxy, you can be certain that you’ll get it for your budget. There aren’t many phones on the market that can … Read more

Best Monthly Witribe packages 2022

Tittle: Best Monthly Witribe packages in Pakistan 2022 In this post you can Find out the Witribe packages that are best for you. The Witribe net packages are: Basic Internet Package: Data: 50GB, Days: 30, Rs:1,249 Witribe Packages Witribe is a newcomer to the field of broadband with the aim of introducing innovative technology solutions … Read more