How to clear twitter cache on a mobile device to make the app run more smoothly

your iphone and android caches all the content you read on Twitter in the application. While this makes it simple to read the old content, even when you are offline, it takes space in your phone by holding data in your twitter cache.

You should have to clear twitter cache to save some space on your phone, which will help it run more smoothly and leave some space on your devices. Remember that every time you scroll the twitter app, the cache will fill again, for that purpose, clear cache twitter is a must. 

Here’s how to clear cache on twitter in a few easy steps.

How to Clear Twitter Cache on a mobile device.

here are some suggestions on how to delete twitter cache on your iphone or android with ease.

How to clear twitter cache on iphone/iOS

Step 1. Open the Twitter application  on your iPhone/iPad. Choose the Hamburger symbol (three horizontal lines) and select “Settings and Privacy”.

Step 2. Select on “Data usage” under General. Tips: Web Storage  and  Media Storage are available under Storage.

clear twitter cache

Step 3. By choosing “Clear media storage”, you will be able to remove all of your photographs and GIFs. If you want to see any of them, you will  have to redownload them.

clear twitter cache

Step 4. When you tap on “Web Storage”, you will see two choices: “Clear all web storage” and ” Clear web page storage “. Web page storage need your device to download the data in order to see it, whereas “Clear all web storage” remove everything, including logins and even cookies.

How to clear cache on twitter on Android

To clear cache on twitter from Android, you must do it through device settings, while you may delete Twitter’s cache on iOS via in-app settings. These aren’t particular to Twitter, but the same techniques could be used in clearing twitter cache or stored data of any application  on Android.

Step 1. Go to your device settings of android device and select “Apps & Notifications”.

Step 2. If you’ve freshly used Twitter, it will show under “Recently opened applications” on the following page. If it does not, go to the “See all applications menu” and look for and choose Twitter

Step 3. select  “Storage & cache” on the following page then choose “Clear Cache”.

When you scrub Twitter’s cache, you will see that clear cache option is greyed and no longer available, and the value beside cache is now zero.

clear twitter cache

If you are a Samsung user, you could follow the steps mentioned below:

Go to “Settings” > “Apps” and look for “Twitter“, tap on “Storage” and you will see the “Clear Cache” button. Choose it to clean up all Twitter cache on your Samsung device.

clear twitter cache


So these are the simple and easy steps on how to clear twitter cache easily on mobile devices. You can also delete the Instagram cache too having almost same method, Just a little bit difference. So it was all for the given article and we hope that you find it useful. If you liked our article on “how to clear twitter cache”, Do share with others and if you have any queries regarding this topic, feel at ease to ask it in the comments section.