February 7, 2023
connect ps4 to hotel wifi

 Assembling your console in hotel wifi can be difficult as there are extra steps to take to get past the hotel sign-in. This article will guide you through the steps to connect ps4 to hotel wifi. So keep reading the article to get the most from the information. 

How to connect to hotel wifi on ps4 wirelessly

If you select to read step-by-step instructions, confirm that your property’s wifi is working and that your guest has their wifi password handy. Then, walk your guest through these steps to connect ps4 to hotel wifi. 

1. Connect your PS4 to the hotel TV and switch it on. 

2. Move to Settings. Press X to choose the Toolbox icon

3. Next, choose Network from the Toolbox options

4. Select “Set Up Internet Connection”

5. Choose the option to use WiFi

6. Choose the Easy set-up option (and not the Custom one)

connect ps4 to hotel wifi

7. Locate the name of your hotel’s WiFi network and select that option. PS4 will then go through the procedure to try to connect and will prompt you for a password. It will reveal that the internet settings have been saved once you are connected.

8. Test the connection by choosing the Test Internet Connection button.

9. If the connection says “failed,” it’s ok – just choose the Details option, which will cause you to add the network login information.  

connect ps4 to hotel wifi

10. Press the option “Suggested Actions”. If it tells you that the security of the page cannot be verified, just say “Yes” and move on to the next page. 

11. A browser window will emerge with the sign-in for your hotel’s WiFi network. Login with the details of your property’s WiFi and tap connect.

12. Once connected, press the back button on your PlayStation4 console to get back to the network display. Recheck the internet connection to see if what you did worked. 

How to connect a ps4 to hotel wifi Using Custom Settings (Custom DNS Server)

If you still can’t set up a wireless internet connection, you can try another way to connect ps4 to hotel wifi. Here we show you how to do it:

1. Select “Settings”.

2. Tap “Network”.

3. Choose“Set Up Internet Connection”. After that, the options “Use Wi-Fi” and “Use LAN cable” will emerge. Choose “Use Wi-Fi”.

4. Now choose “Custom” (found under “Easy” you selected in the previous method “).

connect ps4 to hotel wifi

5. You will now witness a list of available Wi-Fi networks. Find and tap on the name of your hotel network.

6. Enter the wifi password of your hotel. If you have formerly tried to connect to Wi-Fi using the first method, the password is likely remembered.

7. Now set the following:

8. The IP address should be allocated automatically (set to Automatic)

9. Don’t specify the DHCP hostname.

10. Turn on Manual DNS settings. You can utilize a variety of DNS servers, including those from Cloudflare, OpenDNS, and Google. Use as the primary DNS if you choose (alternatively, you can try Make the backup server (alternatively, try

11. After manually setting up DNS, tap Next.

12. Set MTU settings to “Automatic”.

13. Set proxy server to “Do Not use”.

 14. After these manual adjustments, recheck the Internet (Settings – Network – Test Internet Connection). If the checking is successful, you can use wifi on your PS4.