Dallas Xavier Barrino is Fantasia Barrino’s son – Full Biography

Dallas Xavier Barrino is the son of Fantasia Barrino, winner of American Idol’s final season in 2004. Barrino became famous in the world of entertainment following having won American Idol. She has three kids, among them is Dallas.

Birth Details of Xavier Barrino

Xavier Barrino, Fantasia’s second son, was born in December 2011. Dallas Xavier Barrino parents are Fantasia and Antwaun Cook. Fantasia is said to have given birth to Dallas, in Presbyterian Hospital in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Fantasia son, Dallas, currently 10 years old, has a height of 21 inches, seven pounds, nine pounds and 9 ounces. When he was born at the moment of his birth, his mother, a singer, called him a beautiful new addition to the family.

The singer had expressed her excitement about the brand-new newborn baby Dallas Xavier Barrino when she revealed that she was expecting a crowd at a fundraiser in Florida in August.

The 37-year-old, however, did not reveal who her father was, and it has remained unspoken until the present day. Since this summer, the actress and her then-partner Antwaun Cook have been involved in an affair. Fantasia is yet to determine if Cook is the biological father of Dallas.


Xavier Barrino attended an exclusive school in Charlotte, North Carolina, and was a part of the musical and performing arts classes. Dallas participated in many activities in his school’s curriculum, including school plays, choirs and talent performances. His passion for the arts and his natural talent for performing earned him the title of an outstanding student in his school community.

Dallas’s musical development was made more enjoyable through the encouragement of his family and encouragement. Thanks to Fantasia and Ricco as mentors, Dallas has the unique opportunity to study with seasoned pros in the field. The guidance of his parents provided Dallas with the foundation of a musically solid base and allowed him to develop as a performer and singer.


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Dallas Xavier Barrino Siblings

Dallas Xavier Barrino is Fantasia’s middle child of three, and her older half-sister Zion comes from her previous affair with Brandel J. Shouse. At 17 years old, her Free Yourself singer fell pregnant with Zion.

The youngster of ten, Xavier Barrino, is very close to his half-siblings. Zion, her step-sister of his, established her name as an Instagram model at age 21. The younger sibling, Keziah Taylor, is also just a year old. She’s been the center of attention because of her gorgeous appearance. Kezia, the youngest of Fantasia’s children, was born on the 23rd of May, 2021.

Marital life of Fantasia Barrino and her suicide attempt

Fantasia happily married Kendall Taylor in a private ceremony on the 18th of July, 2015. Their daughters include Zion Quar Barrino and Keziah London Taylor.

Young Dro, a rapper from the United States, has been her temporary partner. Fantasia, the mother of xavier barrino also was in a relationship with Michael Clayton, a former NFL player and Super Bowl champion. Barrino dated Antwaun Cook during the decade of the year 2010.

In the divorce case brought in Mecklenburg County District Court in August of 2010, it was claimed that she had been having an affair with Cook for about a year. The doll, however, claimed their relationship with Antwaun started before Cook quit.

The judge decided in favor of the celebrity ruling that it was nine months before the time Cook’s ex-wife claimed. A month later, The mother of Dallas Xavier Barrino was taken to the hospital following the consumption of too much aspirin and sleeping pills. The next day, she admitted that she had attempted suicide.

Is Antwaun Cook the father of Dallas Xavier Barrino?

As stated previously, Barrino has never confirmed if Antwaun Cook is Xavier’s real father. However, they were in an affair before the time of the birth of Dallas. At the end of summer 2009, Dallas’ mother, Fantasia and his alleged father, Cook, apparently began dating.

It’s worth noting that Antwaun, a salesperson also a realtor, has a great relationship with his son Dallas. Barrino’s ex-partner is always quick to send a message to wish Dallas an enjoyable birthday.

Net Worth

Fantasia Barrino son, Dallas, is among the richest and most well-known family members. Based on Wikipedia, Forbes, and Business Insider, Dallas Xavier Barrino has an estimated wealth of $5 million.

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