How to do sendit on snapchat? [2023]

A very well-known characteristic of Snapchat is “Sendit,” which lets users send pictures or messages to their friends without having the content published. Through the application “Sendit,” you can send a photo or text message to a person with no need to view your contact details. It’s an excellent way for you to share your thoughts, feelings or funny occurrences with your friends while remaining anonymous.

How to do a sendit on snapchat

Here’s how to do sendit on snapchat :

  1. Open the camera by clicking Snapchat.
  2. To access”Chat,” go to the “Chat” section, swipe left.
  3. Send the text to the recipient’s email address.
  4. In the screen of chat, enter your message and include the word “Sendit” at the end.
  5. Click on the button ‘Send’ to message the person, without disclosing who you are.


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This was all regarding how to use sendit on Snapchat. “Sendit” is a fun component of Snapchat since it lets users send photos or messages to their contacts without revealing their identity or who they are. It’s an excellent option to hide your identity while sharing thoughts and feelings or amusing moments with friends. It’s straightforward to utilize “Sendit” on Snapchat. Open the app, go to the chat section, choose the person you’d like to send the message to, type in your message, and choose whether you wish to send it to yourself or anyone else using “Sendit.”

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