How to Find Slack Communities of Freelancers

Slack communities are an excellent approach for people to make new business relationships, share their ideas, or just idle and discuss the subjects they like. There are communities about everything, such as blogging, marketing, SEO, freelancing…

You are in the right place if you are seeking on how to find slack communities of freelancers. We collected a list of slack channels to join for remote workers/freelancers and agency owners. So let’s dive into the topic without further delay.

What is Slack?

Slack is a kind of new chat room that companies use and or by disparate members who make communities. If you mean to make new connections, ask for help and advice, and share knowledge, including jobs and more, slack communities could be highly effective for you. Workspaces of Slack lets you arrange communications by channels for group chatting and allow a private message to share files and information in one place.

top six best slack communities for freelancers

The top six slack groups list for freelancers are mentioned below.

1.  Leapers 

Leapers is my top recommendation among slack communities to join because the founder named, Matthew Knight, is a mental health advocate and built the group with clear motives to lessen the toughness of being a freelancer. It has very beneficial channels also, including approximately 500 people in its ‘marketplace’ channel, where you are welcome to show your skills. Its ‘little wins’ channel is one of my favorite things, where you are welcome to share your day’s successes. It is a beneficial, effective, and strong community group. It is also free of cost to join in with its 2,000 members. Furthermore, It is a general freelancer group, so it’s diverse for all remote work communities.

2. Traffic Think Tank

It is a paid Slack community; It is a community where search engine marketers meet to share their knowledge and thoughts on SEO.

Imagine it as a turbo enhancer for your SEO skills, career, and network: a place to get mentoring, get advice, or have expert-level conversations regarding SEO.

Since you have to pay for access, Traffic Think Tank marketers strive to make the most out of the membership—leading in an exclusive, high-quality club.

If you decide to be a part of this community, in their own words: “You will never have to be alone, stuck, or sluggish in SEO again.”

3. Dev chat

Dev chat is among fairly sizable slack groups to join with approximately 20,000 members. I was able to join swiftly and remember developer is not my profession, but my remote entry does not imply an absence of excellence in this class. After a bit of checking, I found a healthy resource for specific codings, such as their javascript channel with 3,792 and Web Dev with 2,930 members.

In addition, to accomplish my point on not being a developer as a profession, access to this group in particular job channels lets a hirer authenticate around 16,000 people and vice versa. The reason why it is among the best slack networking groups is that it looks very active and supportive, with a single coding question often getting up to ten replies of assistance. 

4. Digital Freelancer

Freelancing can get lonely even if you are the type who puts on pants and goes to working spaces or cafes. Wherever you go, there are still a wide array of people working on very different projects, which results in difficulty in building a support network.

But we are in 2019, and you must allow networking possibilities to face-to-face situations. For example, You can select the Digital freelancer community, which has over 1,500 members working in almost every profession. It has channels for designers, developers, freelance, writers, and more.

If you desire to meet some friendly people face to face, This club also has a channel devoted to arranging meetups. There will be chances of encountering some meetup possibilities if you live in the big city.

5. Marketers Chat

Marketers Chat is for you if you are looking for a free Slack community for indie marketers.

Having 6000 users, the group is tight-knit and robust. This group covers tools, special deals for its participants, and freebies, including audits and consultations.

It is among the best public slack communities for the marketer who wishes to share ideas and learn from a community of like-minded individuals.

6. Creative tribes 

Creative Tribe has over 1,500 participants and 22 different public slack channels. A one-time signup fee of $27 is required. It looks like it will be among the longest-standing groups, running for over five years. It is a natural jungle yard of individuals from SEO, strategists, dynamic entrepreneurs from innovative startups, marketers, designers, developers, writers, remote workers, and other creatives. It has a functionality of channels like “AMA,” which is the abbreviation of “ask me anything,” It’s long-standing, respected, engaged, and one of the best slack channels certainly worth a visit.

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