February 7, 2023
how to find someone on whatsapp

If you’d like to talk and find someone on whatsapp, it is fairly easy, so long that you have their phone number.

There’s only one method for getting someone’s whatsapp contacts: via the chat section. It’s important to remember that if you wish to know how to find someone on whatsapp whose contact isn’t available on the list, it is necessary to add them before making it feasible.

Here’s how to find people on whatsapp in the chat area.

How to find someone on WhatsApp using your iPhone

  • Start WhatsApp on your iPhone.
  • Touch the “Chats” icon in the lower menu bar. It appears to be two overlapping speech bubbles.

how to find someone on whatsapp

  • In the upper-right area of Chats, press in the upper-right corner of the Chats section and tap the “Compose” button to launch the chat. This will instantly open up your contact list.
  • Click the Search bar located near the bottom of your screen. Type the names of people you want to locate, and then choose the contact name after you locate them.

how to find someone on whatsapp

  • Chats will be launched with the contact. It will remain on your active Chat list until you remove the chat.

It is an easy and simple method on how to start a new chat on whatsapp through iphone.

How to find someone on WhatsApp using your android device

how to find someone on whatsapp

1. Open WhatsApp. Click the WhatsApp icon in the app, which appears to be a white phone receiver and speech bubble with a green background.

  • In the event that you aren’t automatically signed in, follow the steps to register your number.
  • WhatsApp is not a suitable tool for to look up the phone number of a person whose contact isn’t already in your contact list.

how to find someone on whatsapp

2.  Tap CHATS. It’s located near the highest point of the display. It will open to the CHATS page.

  • If WhatsApp starts an existing conversation, you must first press the “Back” button in the left-hand corner of the screen.

how to find someone on whatsapp

3.  Click to activate the “New Chat” button. It’s the green, round speech bubble-shaped icon that is located in the lower right corner of your screen. It will open an overview of whatsapp contacts.

  • Your contacts that are using WhatsApp will be displayed on the contact page.


how to find someone on whatsapp

4.  Look for a contact. Scroll through the listing of people who are on this site until you can find the person you would like to speak

  • You can also enter the name of a contact in the search field located at near the bottom of the page.
  • If a person is not registered on WhatsApp, Scroll down to the bottom of the screen and click invite Friends to WhatsApp. Select the method you’d like to distribute an invitation, tap on the contacts you’d like to invite, and then tap Done at the end of the screen.

how to find someone on whatsapp

5. Select a contact. Select the name of the person you wish to make a voice, chat with, and video chat. The chat will begin with them, which will allow you to begin an exchange.

  • Finding those who aren’t in your circle of contacts is impossible.
  • Contacts can be added when you have their mobile number.