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It can be an unpleasant experience if your keyboard locked on dell laptop. Using your keyboard to write, access your files, or even use your computer could be impossible. It is good to know that there are a couple of options to unlock keyboard on dell laptop and return to work. In this article, we’ll provide you various methods regarding how to unlock keyboard on dell laptop.

Method 1: Check the Num Lock key

The Num Lock button on the keyboard may be activated, which causes your keyboard to appear locked. Check for your Num Lock button on the keyboard and determine whether it is activated (usually located in the upper left corner). If your Num Lock light is illuminated, Press the critical once more to shut off the light. This should enable you to access your computer keyboard.

Method 2: Restart your laptop

Restarting may unlock keyboard on dell laptop. Use the Windows key on your keyboard, press the power button, and select “Restart.” The computer will start up before checking whether your keyboard is unlocked.

Method 3: Use the on-screen keyboard

If your keyboard remains locked, you can use it using the keyboard on the screen. To access the keyboard on the screen, go through the Start menu, select “Ease of Access,” and finally “, On-Screen Keyboard.” This will display the keyboard in virtual form for you to write on.

Method 4: Check for malware or viruses

Sometimes, viruses or spyware can cause a problem to unlock dell keyboard. Perform a thorough system scan using your antivirus software to identify malicious software or virus. If viruses or malware are detected and removed, follow the steps to remove them.

Method 5: Update your keyboard drivers

If your Dell laptop keyboard locked, outdated drivers could also be one of the main reasons. Visit the Dell website to download the latest driver for your laptop. You will need to upgrade your keyboard driver. Start your computer again after installing the driver.


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