Marcia Harvey biography: Who is Steve Harvey’s first wife?

Marcia Harvey is an African-American writer most well-known as the ex-wife of the TV show and comedian Steve Harvey. She’s chosen to live in a very private way by avoiding the press as often as possible. The couple was married for fourteen years despite the fact Steve still needed to achieve the level of fame the way he is today. Hollywood reports have continuously been circulated about the real motives behind the couple’s breakup. Some blame it on Steve Harvey’s infidelity, whereas others blame his choice to pursue his career in comedy. Steve’s neglect of his wife brought on the tragic events of her life, two children, and her when she was expecting their 3rd child. Despite all the challenges, steve harvey first wife has built an enviable career in fashion and writing. Her works that have been published are “Marcia: Eyes To The Soul,” “Marcia: Poetry From The Heart,” and “Marcia: Ideas From My Head.” Her generous character enthralls them children of her.

Personal Life

Marcia Harvey’s birthday falls on January 22nd. She was born in Cleveland, Ohio, in the United States of America. Since she has yet to disclose any details to the media, the public only has a little information regarding the time she was a child or about her family. Between 1980 between 1994 and 1980, the couple was engaged to Steve Harvey. On August 20th, 1982, the couple was blessed by the birth of identical twin girls, Karli and Brandi. On April 29th, 1991, they had their first baby boy, named Broderick Harvey Jr. She was a tireless advocate for the kids since Steve left them when they were infants. In the future, she is reported to have gotten married to an individual named Larry Greene, who lives in Cleveland. Marcia is very private and has not been involved in online activities like social media.

Net Worth

Marcia Harvey’s estimated net worth of $1 million comes from her job and book sales. In the news, reports suggest that she makes $6630 monthly by working for Steve Harvey, contributing to her earnings.

how old is marcia harvey

public records indicate that Marcia Harvey was born on January 22, 1955. So, if you are reading this after January 22, 2022, you can calculate marcia harvey age by subtracting 1955 from the current year.

Physical Characteristics and Dimensions

Marcia Harvey has an ideal body shape. Her measurements for her body measure 36 in by 27, 27in, and 36 in, with a waist of 25 inches and 35-inch hips. The gorgeous actress stands at 5 ‘ 5″, about 156 centimeters, and weighs 64 kg or 142 pounds. steve harvey first wife keeps her body in shape by adhering to a strict diet and exercise program. Her Dress Size is 4 (US), her Feet/Shoe Size is 8 (US), her Eye Color is Dark Brown, her Hair Color is Black, her Body Shape is Banana, and her Body Build is Hourglass. Its zodiac sign is Virgo, her religion is Christianity, and her ethnicity is African-American, while her gender is Black.

Career & Fame

It is believed it is known that Marcia Harvey was born into a poor African-American family, but there is no information about her life before. steve harvey first wife started working at the retailer Saks Fifth Avenue. After a few years, she met Steve at a friend’s wedding. They became lovers and were married in 1980. In the early days, Steve worked as an insurance agent. Then, they welcomed twin daughters in 1982.

Steve was dissatisfied with his job and wanted to pursue an entertainment career especially stand-up comedy, at the time. This led to much tension between Steve and Marcia, and subsequent reports indicated they started living apart around 1990.

Much of her fame as Marcia Harvey comes from her marriage and separation from Steve Harvey. It is a fact that Marcia was expecting their third child when their marriage broke up in 1994, despite the secrecy surrounding incidents that caused their divorce. When 1993 came around, Marcia finally declared divorce. Because of the divorce and Steve Harvey’s inability to pay alimony or the child’s support payments, Marcia was compelled to obtain legal aid.

In the spirit of the firm and independent woman, steve harvey first wifelater created her fashion label and enjoyed a successful career. She has yet to discuss how she was able to keep her family together and ensure a safe and happy life for her young children. As a single parent responsible for her children, she had to work, take care of the three children, and maintain a steady job. Her humble nature inspired her children, who cite her for their incredible achievements.

In the later years of her life, Marcia Harvey published her first collection of poetry entitled “Marcia: Eyes to the Soul.” The book, released in April 2011, is a tribute to her relationship with Steve and her separation from Steve. Ex wife marcia harvey later published two additional books “Marcia: Poems From The Heart (2011) and “Marcia: Ideas from My Brain’ (2012), despite the book’s failure.

Marriage & Controversy

Steve Harvey abandoned his wife Marcia and their three children to pursue his career in comedy. As his fame began to increase, he ultimately left his family. Naturally, this brought enormous attention to Marcia in 1994, when they settled their divorce, and the court ruled that Steve give Marcia $5100 per month for child support. However, Steve paid nothing. The court ordered Marcia to sign an Affidavit.

Steve had been found not to pay child support. He owed his wife over $36,000. Steve was in a relationship with his former wife, Mary Lee Harvey, before getting divorced from Marcia was finalized, according to the evidence uncovered in the divorce process. they ultimately resolved the matter, and Marcia is now in a good relationship with Steve.


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