Maryam Yahaya Biography, Net-worth, age, Instagram

Maryam Yahaya is a Nigerian actress from kannywood film industry. The film Taraddadi written by Elnass Agenda, was instrumental in her rise to fame. In 2017 The City People Entertainment Awards nominated Yahaya for the award of Best actress for the best performance of her career. She was nominated for Best Actress in the City People Entertainment Awards’ best actress category the following year.

Maryam Yahaya Profile

Before we go on this article, let us go over a brief overview of Maryam Yahaya’s profile, and some of the things you’d love to be aware of about her:

Full name:                                Maryam Yahaya

Date of birth:                           17th July 1997

Age:                                           23 years (2020)

Nationality:                               Nigerian

Parents:                                     Ibrahim Bello, Rukayya Bello

Relationship status:                Single

Occupation:                               Actress

Maryam Yahaya Biography

Maryam Yahaya was born on 17 July 1997 in the household of Mrs Yahaya Yusuf (father) as well as Mrs Maimunatu Umar (mother), according to an authoritative source. She was 23 years old in 2020 and born in Goron Dutse, located in Kano state, which is situated in northern Nigeria. Maryam Yahaya had her primary education in Yelwa and then went through Bokab Barracks for her secondary education. Maryam is not married; she’s in a relationship and is not looking for a partner.


Maryam Yahaya

Maryam aspired to become an actress from the time she was a child and was heavily inspired to pursue acting by Hausa films. In 2016, Maryam Yahaya joined the Hausa film industry, making her debut as an actor in Gidan Abinci, followed by minor parts in Barauniya and Tabo’s movie. Her fame grew following her taking on a lead part in Ali Nuhu’s acclaimed film Mansoor which Bilkisu Shema initially directed. The film was a highly watched Hausa film from the north after it went popular.

But, Maryam had previously been involved in various films. She usually appears as a character in Kannywood (Hausa-language film) films. Maryam Yahaya has always enjoyed acting in front of cameras and has landed roles in films such as “Barauniya”, “Tabo”, “Hafeez”, “Sareena”, “Gidan Abinci”, “Barauniya”, “Mariya”, “Jummai Ko Larai”, “Hafiz”, “Gurguwa”, “Mujadala”, “Mujadala”, “Mijin Yarinya.

Maryam gained a lot of attention for her performance in the movie “Taraddadi,” directed by Elnass Agenda. The film also earned her an award. Maryam has a talent for acting. She is with a variety of skills and can be a part of any character. Her character in the film was captivating, and she did it with aplomb. She is also among those gorgeous Kannywood actors who have made her name in the field.

Maryam Yahaya Movies

Maryam Yahaya has been featured in a variety of Kannywood films since her debut in. Some of these include:


  • Tabo
  • Mansoor
  • Jummai Ko Larai
  • Gidan Abinci
  • Wutar Kara
  • Barauniya
  • Mijin Yarinya
  • Gidan Kashe Awo
  • Matan Zamani
  • Mariya
  • Hafiz
  • Mujadala
  • Gurguwa
  • Sareenah

Her Awards and Nominations

An actress in the making, Maryam has not yet received any awards, but she has been nominated multiple times for her distinctive roles in the field. The nominations for her awards include:

  • 2017- Kannywood Most Promising Actress of the Year by City People Entertainment Awards (nominated)
  •  2018- Best Kannywood Actress of the Year by City People Entertainment Awards (nominated) 
  • 2019- Best Supporting Actress of the Year by City People Entertainment Awards (nominated) 
  • 2019- Best Kannywood Actress of the Year by City People Entertainment Awards (nominated) 

Her Social Life 

Like many Nigerian stars of today and celebrities around the world, Maryam Yahaya has leveraged her acting success to gain a substantial and constant social media following. With more than 1.6 million fans, she is the most well-known on Instagram as the real Maryamyahaya. Here, she showcases her cosmetics and entertains her followers by giving an insight into what’s going through her life. In addition, she has a very active private account that is on Facebook with the username Maryam Yahaya. There, she also promotes brands and shares her opinions and thoughts about current issues that are trending within the country. She has her own Youtube channel on YouTube that she launched in April 2021. on it, she usually posts informative videos.

Net worth

Maryam Yahaya is a model and actor and the owner of a salon named Maryam Yahaya, which she opened in 2019 and named in honour of herself. Maryam’s net worth is yet to be confirmed. However, according to unconfirmed sources, Maryam’s net worth has been estimated to be $50,000-$100,000.

Social Handles

Thanks to Maryam’s acting talent, she has created an immense following with her presence on Social Media. There are more than 2 million people following her on Instagram. Additionally, she has nearly 10,000 fans on Twitter. Her social media handles include the following.

Instagram: real_maryamyahaya

Twitter: @realmaryamyahya