How to Connect Your PS5 Controller on PC in Easy Steps

PS5 controller not connecting to pc? Don’t be worry as we will show you an easy method to connect ps5 controller to pc. Pairing your ps5 controller on pc will let you play your favorite playstation games while using a pleasant gaming pad that is packed with cool features.

PS5 dualsense controller is a great piece of machine that has been off beyond the console in its demand.  If we talk about connectivity, then it is also compatible with pc as well as the console itself. But for now, we will only talk about how to connect ps5 controller to pc.

connecting ps5 controller to pc could be done through wired as well as wireless connections. And both these procedures are very easy as we will show you how to use ps5 controller on pc through different mediums. Read on fully and analyze which method is best for you. So without further ado, let’s get started.

ps5 controller on pc

How to connect ps5 controller to pc using a USB cable

1. First you will have to get USB-C to USB-A cable which you can buy from the store or from the internet.

2. And when you get it , plug the end part of the USB-C to the controller and the end part of USB-A to your cpu port.

That’s it, it’s simple right?

How to connect controller to pc wirelessly with Bluetooth

Note that your pc should be equipped with the built-in Bluetooth . If your pc doesn’t have the Bluetooth connection then you can add it in your pc with the help of bluetooth adapter.

1. Go to your pc’s Bluetooth options

2. Choose add Bluetooth or other device

3. Choose Bluetooth in appear window

4. On your console’s controller, click and hold the PS Button and make button at same time till the lightbar under the touchpad started to blinks

5. At your pc, choose your controller from the records of available Bluetooth devices 

keep it in mind that your PlayStation 5 controller will use the battery when you use it wirelessly. You will have to charge it from time to time if you want to keep it running. Playing it with a wired connection not only decreases your controller’s battery charge but it will also charge it