Realme buds air pro review 2022

Realme buds air pro Review

Rich with Bass and ANC Quality.

The realme Buds Air Pro is the version that has been upgraded from that of the initial realme Buds Air, hence the inclusion of the “Pro” moniker in the name. In addition to the name change and a new logo, the Buds Air Pro receives an overhaul of its design and can make necessary improvements across a range of areas. In this realme buds air pro review, we will Find out what has changed and what made it better and also guide you on how to connect realme buds air in simple steps.

Realme Buds Air Pro – Specifications:

Product  : Realme air buds pro

  • Bluetooth Version    5.0
  • Color                     Rock Black / Soul White
  • Effective Range 10m (in an obstacle-free environment)
  • Noise Cancellation Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) +Environmental Noise               Cancellation (ENC)
  • Water Resistance IPX4 (Earbuds Only)
  • Battery Life             Charging case & earphones: 20hrs playback time at 50% volume and AAC quality with Noise Cancellation on; 25hrs playback time at 50% volume and AAC quality with Noise Cancellation off. Earphones: 5hrs playback time at 50% volume and AAC quality with Noise Cancellation on; 6hrs playback time at 50% volume and AAC quality with noise Cancellation off.
  • Charge Time             2hrs fully charge for charging case and earphones; 1hr fully charge for earphones. 10mins charge for 3hrs charging case & earphones playback (Noise Cancellation off, played at 50% volume, AAC)
  • Sound Driver Size  10mm
  • Audio Codec               AAC, SBC

What’s in the box:

Like all of the time, Realme devices come in an attractive yellow cardboard box. Well, it appears that the Realme Buds Air Pro is not an exception. Inside the compact package, you will find the earphones stuffed inside a case, a small yellow USB/Type-C cable, more than three sets of ear tips of different sizes (SM, XL), along with the accompanying documents.


The Realme Buds Air Pro is the more conventional stem true wireless earphones that fit in the ear but without a fin or clip to secure them, only the fitting in the ear of the cap. The stem houses many electronics that enable it to provide a kind of active noise cancellation (ANC). If these were colored white, you could be forgiven for mistakenly thinking they were Apple-branded earbuds. They are available in white in case that’s your style.

Realme air buds pro support ANC for up to 35dB of noise:

“Hybrid active noise cancelation in realme buds air pro incorporates two Feedforward with Feedback microphones to identify unwanted noises in and out of the ear. They emit high-precision anti-noise signals to block out the noise at up to 35dB. The technology effectively eliminates background noise and provides a complete hearing experience.”

With their low speed of just 94ms, they will provide good audio quality for all situations that match the source. There is no lag. Like you’d expect, every earbud comes with the ability to touch it to allow you to playback your media. When you remove an earbud, It will also stop playback. It is also possible to turn ANC up and down with the control buttons. The main issue is the top of the box is in a loose state. I could not locate any other issues in these realme earbuds.


The realme Buds Air Pro feels supremely comfy and light (5 grams for each side) after you wear them. They remain in place regardless of the way you position your head. However, after a long period of usage, when you remove them, you may notice a slight irritation in your ears. This could result from my personal use; however, it is something to be aware of.

You can feel it sticking to the cheeks’ side in terms of the stems. However, because it’s thick, it occupies more space, and it embraces your face, which means it’s not as loose. It’s much more comfortable than the thinner stems of Buds Air which is the best thing in these realme buds.

Sound, Active noise cancellation:

The Realme air buds pro has amazing sound. They’re extremely loud, significantly higher than rival models like AirPods Pro, Huawei’s AirPods Pro, or Huawei’s FreeBuds Pro.

The most appropriate method to define these realme earbuds sound is that it is a crowd-pleaser, and I am referring to it totally. It’s got a clear midrange that is well-balanced with excellent low-end bass and great vocals. We recommend keeping the Volume Enhancer active as it can do wonders for the overall sound. We also suggest you keep the Bass Boost+ off because it adds a bit of bass but degrades the overall quality of the music.

Realme rates the active noise reduction feature of their realme earbuds at up to 35 decibels. We can consider ANC a handy feature in Realme Buds Air, but only if it is used according to the right expectations. ANC can do a great job of cutting down on loud sounds like the engine rumble (in the car) or even a vacuum cleaner the sound of a computer fan. It doesn’t make a significant distinction in human voices.

Active noise cancellation of these realme buds can be helpful for listening to music as well. It adds a degree of softness and smoothness to the sound. Transparency mode increases the ambiance surrounding you, including the voices. It improves your hearing and provides a method to talk to people without having to remove the earbuds.

Battery life and charging:

Let’s look at the battery longevity for the Realme Buds Air Pro. The manufacturer doesn’t specify how much capacity the battery will have inside the headphones, but only its case, 486 mAh. However, the company promises five hours of playback continuously with a volume of 50%, with AAC and active noise cancellation turned on in addition to six hours of playback under similar conditions, however, with noise cancellation disabled. If we consider the entire operating time of the headphones with the case, it’s between 20 and 25 hours, with or without noise cancellation, respectively.

My main concern was the actual case in these realme earbuds . It’s tiny and wouldn’t allow me to open it when I didn’t need it, which are clearly positive things, but it was difficult to take the soft and slightly slippery earbuds from the case. It’s a minor issue; however, when I tried them more, the improved the more I could do this.

The case can charge the headphones an additional four times – which is more than it’s the standard. However, the indicator LED inside the case has not been precise as we’d prefer. It turns red when the case is not more than 20 percent charged and green if the case is over 20 percent charged. My opinion is that some average indicator is not present here. A bit yellow in the event that, for instance, the case is 50 percent. The earbuds inside this case will be charged within 40 minutes. However, there is support for rapid charging. After 10 minutes, the earbuds can be charged up to 80 percent which is pretty amazing in realme buds air pro. The charging can be accomplished via the USB Type-C port for charging the case because there is no wireless charging in realme earbuds. The case can be charged for approximately an hour and a half.

How to connect realme buds air:

In this article, let me provide you with brief instructions on how to connect realme Buds Air with your smartphone.

Step 1: To connect with your realme air buds pro for the first time, open the charging case by pressing the pairing button for 3 seconds.

Step 2: When you hit the button to pair, the indicator will blink for 10 seconds. This means that the Buds Air are now in the pairing phase.

Step 3: Activate your Bluetooth on your phone, and then search for nearby devices.

Step 4: Look for “realme Buds Air” in the list of devices available. Choose “realme Buds Air” to allow pairing.

That’s it. Your realme Buds Air would now be connected to your mobile.

To switch off the Buds Air, simply place them back into the case that they’re charging in and they’ll be turned off by themselves. So these are the simple steps on how to connect realme buds air in your phone easily. I hope it would be helpful for you.

Final Thoughts:

Realme air buds pro are extremely good TWS Earbuds have really great sound quality, great comfort, decent microphones, and longevity of the batteries. The ANC function performs its task. Of course, there is no such thing as perfect. I don’t enjoy the sleek exterior of the case or the earphones. The flaws in the lid can be a bit disconcerting, and so is the issue that the case is without a wireless charger. Then there’s the issue in the actual case, which I have mentioned previously. However, I still find these realme earbuds to be an excellent value in terms of price. I hope this article regarding realme buds air pro review was helpful and if you have any queries regarding this topic then feel at ease to ask it in the comments.