Ryan Cartagena (fat joe’s son) – Biography, Age, Family, Wife

Ryan Cartagena, the second child of Fat Joe, is a well-known and respected celebrity. Despite being famous for his father’s accomplishments, he still needs to work on making it big in New York’s Hip Hop Music Industry. Let’s take a look at his life.

Age & Birthplace 

Despite his outgoing and cheery nature on social media accounts, Ryan Cartagena was born in 1995, albeit the precise date of birth has not been released. He was born and raised in the United States, which has granted him American citizenship.

He is a devout Christian.

Ryan Cartagena age

Fat joe son’s birthday, date of birth, and age are not publicly available. Once this information becomes available, we will update this section.


ryan cartagena

Ryan’s education needs to be documented in sufficient detail. However, his father insinuated that Ryan excelled in academics. Fat Joe interviewed  when he was just 15 years old. He said he was “a great kid with a grade of 97 in school, but I have to be strict with him.”

In the same interview, Fat Joe also said that he didn’t like his son following him in the same field of rapping as he was in and that he’d prefer him to do something else.

Ryan Cartagena  is now deep into rapping, and the predicaments are pretty different.

Ryan Cartagena’s Family

According to the celebrity, he is the youngest and second child of Fat Joe. There is little evidence to confirm that he is Fat Joe’s biological son or Lorena’s full-blooded son. There are speculations that he may be a brother to Fat Joe and Lorena. Still, he could also be from an earlier relationship with his father, the CEO of Terror Squad Entertainment.

Ryan’s older brother Joey Cartagena is a unique child loved by his father the most.

Ryan’s biological sister, Azariah Cartagena, is Fat and Lorena Cartagena’s only child.

Height & Weight

Ryan Cartagena is average in height. If his photos are any indication, Cartagena appears to be taller than his surroundings. Unfortunately, information regarding his size and other measurements is not currently available. This section will be updated as soon as more information becomes available.

Ryan Cartagena siblings

Fat Joe is an iconic figure in the music industry. Fat Joe’s transformation from hip-hop to rap was a revolution. He used to be like any other rapper, just having fun and not much else until he met Jennifer Lopez at an event. When they married three years ago, she became his third wife. It’s obvious how happy the couple is as their children include two children from previous relationships or marriages.

Ryan is Ryan’s half-brother. Joey Cartagena, his eldest son, was born in December 1992. He was born in December 1992. His autism diagnosis came at the time of his birth. Azariah, a daughter of Joseph’s long-term relationship (with Lorena), is below him.

Ryan Cartagena Wife

Fat Joe’s son has not made her relationship public. It is not known if he is married or in an affair. 

As soon as information becomes available, his partner’s details will be updated.

Ryan’s acclaimed father’ Fat Joey.’ 

Fat Joe is the most well-known American rapper and voice actor. His real name is Joseph Antonio Cartagena, and he is best known for his East Coast Gangsta Rap style. His first album, ‘Represent,’ was released in 1993. He collaborated with other musicians.

More than Fat Joe’s, many music releases and studio albums will be needed to make him famous. His feud with 50 Cent will remain his most prominent memory.

The feud between 50 Cent and Fat Joe began in 2005, when 50 Cent’s second studio album, “The Massacre,” was released. There were many belittling rhymes about Fat Joe, which led to heated arguments between them and derogatory remarks that continued until 2014.

Why is Ryan disappointed in Fat Joey?

Ryan’s father is a well-known music artist, but he warns his son that he won’t be able to make up for the massive success in music. However, he is doing his best to build his Hip Hop career by Growing Hip Hop in New York.

These warnings and reprimands didn’t stop Fat Joe from supporting his son when Ryan couldn’t attend Ryan’s listening party. This disappointed his son, and he believes his father did it deliberately. He also said that he would be there if he could.

Ryan Cartagena inquired about his father and whether he would be coming. He didn’t come, so Ryan inadvertently called his dad a square.

Fat Joe responded, “I wish that I could be there,”

Despite his disappointment at his father’s absence from the party, Ryan is determined to make his father proud with his music.

Professional life

Ryan Cartagena, despite his father’s desire for him to pursue a different career, has been fascinated with music like his father. He is now recognized as an impending music composer. He is well-known for his appearances in French Montana: What It Looks Like (2019), Growing Up Hip Hop New York (2019), and Unsung (2008).

Net Worth

Ryan’s net worth ranges from $1 million to $5 million. This includes Ryan’s assets, income, and money. His career as a composer is his primary source of income. Ryan can make a lot of money from his many sources of income but prefers to live a modest life.

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