Selina Tested Series , Actors and Complete Story

What exactly is Selina Tested Series about, and why are Nigerians so obsessed with This series?

With 25 episodes already released, Selina Tested, which is in its debut season, has garnered an average of more than one million viewers per episode.

Social media and streaming platforms are certainly the main drivers for the Nollywood industry. Nigerian television and film productions are now considered a reference within the film industry due to their popularity on streaming and social media platforms. A few decades ago, it was not the case. Only a handful of Nigerian films were accepted into a world film festival. Today, the ubiquity of Nigerian movies has won them awards and awards around the world.

One such film that has benefited from the popularity of online streaming and other social networks is the television program “Selina Tested”.

Selina Tested is an action-based series/story written and directed byManuchim Praize, Odogwu.This action drama depicts violence,power/authority/dominance, comedy,revenge,drama,betrayal,survival,love,romance and much more.


The main cast of the series includes:

Role                                                       Real Name 

Aboy                                                      Aye Otto

Chiboy                                                   Famous Patrick

Tallest(Tax Collector                           MC.Prophet

Odogwu                                                 Manuchim Praize

Sibi                                                         Sibi Steve

Mama Chiboy                                       Ifeoma Grace

Striker                                                    Nwamadi Kelechi

Amoral                                                Gift Ogbuji

Belema                                                  Gabriella Ogbonnaya

Boma                                                     Felix Stephanie


Created by Lightweight Entertainment, The story centers around two tiny rascals; Aboy and Chiboy are the main characters in the series, while others revolve around them, battling and ruling a small town known as Holy Ground akarma. They grew up to survive the harsh realities of life, so you have to be tested, Selina, to live each day.

How the criminal life of Aboy and Chidboy started:                                      

Their criminality began when they met Keke’s driver in episode one(titled: Young Rascals)counting money, and they wanted to have money just like him. The next day, Aboy was a man in the hood, hiding his guns in the bush. He hid. Then the man fled the scene. In the bush, he took the gun and then went to notify Chiboy about it. They were able to confront Keke man, who shot him in the leg and escaped with the money. This was the way they turned into criminals as they grew older.

What made Selina Test the “IT” series?

Since its debut, Selina Tested has also gained a following beyond Youtube (where it has more than 300 users). The official page of the show’s YouTube channel has more than 21,000 fans on Instagram.

Here are the reasons we believe Nigerians enjoy the show.

Slangs: I believe Nigerians get enthralled with the film that has a ton of slang they can relate to. Nigerians appreciate how easily slang words are used in conversations. For instance, the title of the TV show is a slang term for bulletproof.

The Pidgin English: The series stands out in a field where speaking English is standard by deciding to use all dialogues in the pidgin language.

The story of the streets’ daily life: unlike most Nigerian television shows that concentrate on middle – and upper- high-end love between society’s elite, Selina Tested reflects what is happening on the streets, offering viewers an insight into an alternative world.

Realism: Based on other tweets, each episode makes viewers feel connected to the characters and brings the feeling of nature to the fictional drama.

Cinematography: Although the production team for Selina Test is relatively tiny, to a certain extent, they can deliver the visual effects and camera movement, and other visual elements featured in the show.

Moral lessons: Relevant to the themes of adulthood it depicts, Selina Tested occasionally finds ways to convey an important moral message.

About The Producer of Selina Tested

Manuchim Praize, popularly referred to by the name Odogwu is the creator and producer of the series. He is in Port Harcourt.

Here’s the quick info about him:

  • Profession                                                Film Producer
  • Education                                               Studied Computer Science and also attended Nigerian Films Academy in 2011
  • Current location                                     Port Harcourt
  • State and LGA                                        Ikwe Rivers State Nigeria
  • Brother                                                    Solomon Imoh
  • Sister                                                        Imoh Ritz
  • Nickname                                               Tee-Praize or Black lion
  • Hobbies                                                   Audio production, acting, filmmaking and  listening to music
  • Skin color                                               Chocolate brown

He is a young and talented Nigerian who has had an impact within the town of Port Harcourt and beyond. Imagine the millions of Nigerians watching today’s Selina Tested series, and in reality, millions of people are waiting for the next episodes.