Top 11 charming shih tzu haircuts for your dog

Shih Tzu haircuts can give your dog a genuinely stunning appearance. You can pick from ponytails, braids, classic lions, short, long, medium, and long hairstyles, among others. According to the American Kennel Club, the Shih Tzu is the 20th most popular breed (AKC). 1 It’s also simple to understand why. This puppy is incredibly sweet and loving. It’s understandable why she appeals to so many people. This dog, unlike many others, started as a pet rather than a working dog. She was there to make sure his owner was delighted.

Shi tzu grooming styles take longer than other dogs, though. Her long hair tends to tangle and mat. To maintain it looking its finest requires daily combing. Additionally, you can also style the shih tzu haircuts and cut it in various ways to highlight this charmer’s sweetness. It comes naturally for a dog with such a personality. She has a lot of alternatives available to you because her fur gets so long.

Types of shih tzu haircuts

Let’s take a closer look at these famous shih tzu hair styles:

1. Puppy Cut

shih tzu haircuts

This lovely and relatively simple cut for Shih Tzus is one of the best summer shih tzu haircuts (especially during hot days). Their body hair is trimmed to 1 to 2 inches, while their facial hair is left a little longer. Though it still needs routine brushing and trimming, this cut requires less maintenance than other styles. If you’re willing to do more brushing, this cut can also be worn for longer than 2 inches.

2. Teddy Bear Cut

shih tzu haircuts

Do you want your dog to resemble the cutest stuffed animal ever? Then you should try this teddy bear style which is best for shih tzu haircuts! The face is left longer, at around 4 inches, while the body’s hair is trimmed to 2 to 2 1/2 inches everywhere else. The fur is left a bit puffy, so even though it’s very simple to maintain, you’ll need to watch out for tangles. You’ll also want to get your dog frequently groomed, or develop your grooming technique, to keep the cut looking its best.

3. The Lion Cut

shih tzu haircuts

One of the other types of shih tzu haircuts is The lion cut. The Shih Tzu breed’s name translates to “small lion” in Chinese, and the Lion cut will give your dog the same appearance as his namesake. The dog’s body hair is clipped to a length of about 14 inches for the Lion haircut. The tail, chest, and feet are all left uncut, while the facial hair is softly cropped to simulate a lion’s mane. It is one of the best shih tzu hair styles out there that you should try out..

4. The Top Knot Show Cut

shih tzu haircuts

The coat is clipped to hang above the floor with this medium-length haircut. The head hair is pulled back into a charming paintbrush-shaped top knot. Tear stains can be carefully removed with a sponge to complete the appearance.

5. Shih Tzu with medium-length hair

shih tzu haircuts

For Shih Tzus, medium-length teddy bear haircuts work well. They draw attention to their gorgeous coats while requiring little upkeep. To make brushing easier, you can think about cutting all the hair to the same length.

6. Shih Tzus with Ponytails

shih tzu haircuts

Shih Tzu haircuts can look stunning with various accessories because of the lengthy fur. If you enjoy trying new ideas, utilize elastic bands to make your dog appear beautiful. Long hair can be neatly styled using ponytails.

7. Medium-Length Puppy Cut

shih tzu haircuts

This medium-length cut can be ideal in shih tzu hair styles list if you want to keep a little more hair on your Shih Tzu during the cooler months and you have the time to add extra brushing to your grooming routine.

8. The Short in the Middle, Long on the Ends

shih tzu haircuts

The Short in the Middle, Long on the Ends haircut is another among the best shih tzu hair styles and a relative of the Puppy Cut. As you might have imagined, this haircut entails shaving off the body’s central section while leaving the face and tail hair untrimmed. The dog can stay cooler with this haircut while retaining some long-haired characteristics. Because the hair on the face might begin to tangle with this haircut, especially if they love moist food, it usually requires extra care.

9. The Long Ear Puppy Cut

shih tzu haircuts

The Puppy Cut and Long Ear Puppy Cut are quite similar. However, the Long Ear Puppy Cut leaves the hair on the ears long. Even though it has a somewhat softer and more feminine aspect, this summer cut for shih tzu is still appropriate.

10. Cute ears

shih tzu haircuts

Shih Tzu ears require specific hair maintenance. The hair is typically cut to match the length of the ears. It would help if you brushed your teeth frequently. Shih Tzus are also prone to ear infections, so you should carefully inspect them.

11. Dainty Girl

shih tzu haircuts

If you are going for a female shih tzu haircuts, Then this style is great for your dog. This look is a take on the puppy cut with a more feminine appearance appropriate for your little girl. She looks like she has a bobby cut because of the trim on her ears. It begs for some gorgeous ribbons to dress her up and complete her look. We also appreciated how her legs appeared to be larger. She almost seems to be donning a skirt as well!