Top 10 Best PSP Games 2022

Best PSP Games You Must Play In 2022

What are the best PSP games? The best PSP games demonstrate how powerful that the PlayStation Portable handheld was. It was first introduced in 2004. The PSP was a direct competitor to Nintendo’s Nintendo 3DS but offered a more multimedia experience. Alongside launching games such as Lumines or Metal Gear Acid, a selection of movies were accessible on the adorable UMD cartridges that made the PSP an ideal commuter’s delight at a time when it was possible to stream Netflix straight to your smartphone while you were on the bus.

The PSP was a unique console with its own exclusives Many of which that you can find in this list of the which you’ll find on this list of the best PSP games. However, it also served as an additional home for many of the top PS2 games ever that got a fresh look for the console.

If you’re a fan of games or just want to indulge in the early 2000s era of nostalgia this list of 10 best PSP games will provide you with lots to play, and may even inspire you to start looking through the attic for the old PSP. 

Top 10 Best PSP Games

Following are some of the most popular PSP games that you must play : 

1- Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories

On top of the list of best PSP games ever, Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories would shadow other games. The game sold over 8 million copies, which is 3 million more than the second-place game.

Even though Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories did not reach this level, it’s impossible for one to think that Rockstar is dissatisfied with the overall revenue. While the PSP was abandoned a while ago, that doesn’t diminish its significance. With the best PSP game and features, it was among the top handheld consoles available.

2- Gran Turismo

In the process of revising the list of best PSP games. We have Gran Turismo at our hands. With more than 800 vehicles to pick from, gamers are never short of vehicles to explore.

There are 45 racing tracks to drive these numerous vehicles, capable of running around 99 rounds per race. In contrast to its predecessor Gran Turismo 4, you don’t have open-world maps.

Single-player, the lone player is a sim with three distinct simulations: Time Trial, Single Race as well as Drift Trial. Music lovers will not be bored playing the offline or online version. You can play your tracks while playing around with the game.

3- Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII

The fans of The Final Fantasy series will feel right at home with this action-packed real-time prequel to the first PlayStation iconic FFVII. As the protagonist Zack Fair, a member of Soldier and a minor character from FFVII You’ll look in search of lost Soldiers Angeal and Genesis, and discover the true story of Shinra’s corporate ties. Shinra corporate.

The game has real-time combat which creates a seamless gaming experience. The emails Zack receives throughout the game offer additional details and an enhanced feeling of being immersed. Crisis Core is designed specifically to be played on the go Additionally, a variety of side quests are available for amusement for your bus ride or train ride back.

4- Every Extend Extra

The PSP version to one of the top beautiful and attractive puzzlers ever made is captivating and captivating. Each Extend Extra is a perfect game for the PSP’s large screen, bright colors, and mobility. The players detonate their ships to generate blast radius explosions that hit the other ships inside creating chain reactions. These reactions cause explosive sounds, which will result in more points with each level. The fireworks also produce stunning effects which you’ll be able to enjoy sparkle before your eyes while you work to build even more chains.

5- Killzone: Liberation

Another action-oriented video game and the most enjoyable Killzone game ever created for PSP gamers. The game is about death and destruction, which is an evolution of Killzone. It is a difficult game to train(shooting practice) players prior to tackling any task. With fewer weapons and upgrades players must complete the entire mission. It’s a bit different than the Killzone game but is well-adapted to fit the PSP Game.


From the makers of the famed Uncharted as well as The Last of Us series, Jack & Daxter came to be among the top action-platformer franchises in the early 2000s. Its console version has been a huge success but I think it’s safe to say the game’s creators delivered on the handheld side. The genre of games that were released on consoles adapted very well on handhelds, in addition, Daxter was a fun adventure that was a blast for both new and old fans alike. It’s unfortunate that the series was put to rest for so long and yet we have classic games like Daxter to travel through time. Daxter is one of the best PSP games of all time.

7- Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3 Portable

In the darkness, preying on people who venture in the shadows between one night and next. As you are a member of an unofficial school club you will have to rely on your personal power or Personality, and protect humanity from the imminent threat of extinction. Do you have the ability to be able to see the light of day? Maximum Persona 3–The game that has captured the attention of both critics and players alike, has reached an entirely new level of excellence. Based on an upgraded version of the game. Players will discover several significant improvements, including the addition of Skill Cards well as part-time jobs, a set of five difficulty levels (ranging from the novice-friendly “beginner” to the ultra-hardcore “maniac”), and most important of all the ability to directly influence your opponents during battle.

8- Ben 10 Ultimate Alien Cosmic Destruction

Relive one of the most popular sci-fi series by downloading the highest-quality, high-quality Rom. The story is as simple as it gets. A boy discovers the ‘Omnitrix’ device that allows him to transform into a variety of aliens. The story continues in this episode. Ben becomes a popular superhero who is loved by kids but is distrusted by adults. Ben is confronted by alien threats as well as human mercenaries and murderers.

9- The 3rd Birthday

If you are a fan of gun games you’ll certainly enjoy The 3rd Birthday. It’s a role-playing third-person shooter game that was developed by Square Enix.

“The Third Birthday” was the anticipated third installment in Parasite Eve, which came to us as a first-person shooter that has RPG and creepy hues. It’s not without its flaws, yet still one of the most popular titles on PSP

10- Need for Speed: Most Wanted 5-1-0

Last on the list of top 10 PSP games is Need for Speed: Most Wanted. The Need For Speed series: 51-0’s plot is focused mainly on street races that are illegal and police pursuits. Career mode is based entirely on a set of contests that cover more than 75 different events. Participating in races and winning players can climb the leaderboards against fifteen other players.

It is possible to verify their race stats and their pursuit using the form of a rap sheet. In races, it’s possible to utilize a speed magnifier as well as a Nitrous boost. Need for Speed Most Wanted 5-1 is a game with many interesting aspects that include the infrastructure multiplayer and ad-hoc modes. They are always a welcome feature. The career mode is very long and detailed. Car enthusiasts will appreciate tuning and customizing their vehicles.