Vivian Lightfoot, Is She Adopted? – Bio, Age, Parents, Net-Worth

Vivian Lightfoot is the daughter of Lori Lightfoot, the Mayor of Chicago, and her long-term girlfriend, Amy Eshelman. Their parents of Vivian are politicians too, but she’s discovered a keen interest in sports. Contrary to what is believed, Vivian is Lori Lightfoot’s adopted daughter.

Lori Vivian’s mother is a lesbian and the only African-American Mayor openly lesbian in the United States, and she has been in office since April this year. Amy Vivian’s mother, on the other hand, was a librarian before becoming a mother and is currently a full-time parent.

Let’s look into lori lightfoot daughter current life, which includes her parents, education, lifestyle, and other things.

Who is Amy Eshelman And Lori’s Daughter Vivian Lightfoot?

As it is not confirmed when they adopted their 13 year old daughter, It was thought that Amy and lori lightfoot daughter adopted probably when she was a child.

Vivian has been blessed by Eshleman as well as her spouse. On Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day, The proud Eshleman proudly displays their adorable child on Instagram.

“My heartfelt Mother’s Day wishes go out to my wonderful, caring mother, who showers her children and grandchildren with warm embraces and wise counsel.”

she captioned a picture with her daughter, Vivian Lightfoot and her mom.

Like most teens, Lori Lightfoot daughter liked social media. Lightfoot said on “The Axe Files” that her daughter is a fan of TikTok and would be a great motivator for her and Eshleman to sign up. Her words:

“She’s obsessed with TikTok and wants Amy and me to join in on one; however, I say no. I’m not going to. When I returned home and said, “By the way, I just completed the first time on TikTok,” she remarked, “I can’t believe you did it with anyone other than me!”

Because both of her parents are public figures, Vivian is willing to assist them in achieving their Chicago goals. She helped Lightfoot’s mayoral campaign.

Who Is a Biological Mother And Father of Vivian’s Parents?  

On November 8, 2008, Chicago was the first city to welcome Vivian Lightfoot. His parents are still unknown. Lori, the mother she adopted, grew up in Massillon, Ohio, where her parents fled from the Jim Crow South.

Arkansas Stockholder sons of stockholders adopted Vivian. Despite the deafness caused by meningitis, his determination to succeed was unwavering.

Lori, as well as Amy Eshleman, Vivian’s parents, got married in May 2014. Sterling is located about 110 miles west of Chicago and is the home of Eshleman, who led the Chicago Public Library.

The Massillon woman posted on Instagram in June of 2020 that Amy had struggled to admit their relationship until recently.

Where Does Vivian Lightfoot Study?

Lightfoot has referred to her daughter’s attendance at private school in numerous public appearances. Lori, who visited Logan Square in August 2018, said,

“My wife and I always assumed that our daughter would attend public schools because we both attended public schools as children. But when we went to enroll her in pre-school, there were no spots available, and the waiting list was interminably long.”

In addition, Vivian Lightfoot is a student and an athlete, but she was forced to put them on hold for a few months because of the COVID pandemic that will begin in 2020. Lori states that Vivian is extremely athletic, and her daughter always runs. Lori Lightfoot daughter was a basketball player too, but she’s incapable of doing so because of leg injuries. Vivian has been training to run marathons.

Vivian’s Mother, Lori, is a Lesbian

Lori’s mother is Chicago’s 57th Mayor. Because of her gender, Lori appears in media beyond politics. Lori is a lesbian who is very happily wed to Amy Eshleman.

Before being publicly known, the couple was in a relationship and kept their relationship secret until an equal American marriage was accepted. On May 31, 2014, Lori married Amy Eshelman.

Mother of Vivian Lightfoot, Lori Lightfoot was a student at Washington High School and the University of Michigan from 1980 until 1984. She later attended the University of Chicago Law School from 1986 until 1989. The first LGBT Chicago Mayor is Lightfoot.

Her co-worker Amy was Chicago Public Library Assistant Commissioner of Chicago Public Library. She also advocates for children’s and youth’s rights. She was a history major at Miami.

Vivian Hated Her Mother, Lori For This Specific Incident 

Lori has plenty of critics, detractors, and even supporters as a politician. For instance, in the example of the attorney from Africa who was close to her, was slightly irritated, even though this is quite insignificant.

Mayor Lori’s choice to showcase her dancing skills in her TikTok video to announce Chicago’s virtual citywide high-school graduation ceremony was the talk of the town across social networks in May.

However, it was not well-liked within her family. When CNN filmed The Axe Files, the Mayor was quoted by the host David Axelrod that her then 12-year-old daughter Vivian Lightfoot disliked the clip.

Lori Lightfoot daughter, Vivian was furious with her mother about the matter because the politician turned lawyer chose to use TikTok using someone other than Vivian, despite her always-present desire to join in.

“She’s addicted to TikTok. And she’s been attempting to convince [wife] Amy and me to do TikTok with her. And I say, ‘No. I will do something else. When I got home that night and told her, ‘By the way, I just did my first TikTok,’ her reaction was, ‘I can’t believe you did it with someone else but not with me.’ Such is a 12-year-life.” old’s

A former employee of the federal government spoke to Axelrod.

Relationship status of Vivian Lightfoot

Vivian Lightfoot is too young to be able to find a boyfriend. At present, she’s single and focusing on her studies and career.

Lori Lightfoot daughter Has Been In A Commercial

Although Lori and Amy’s sole child isn’t certain whether she’d like to become an actress when she’s old, she’s been professionally portrayed on camera. Lori’s latest advertisement from March 2019 featured her daughter.

Many believed that Lori was trying to make Chicago people interested in her candidacy for Mayor.

In the advertisement, Lori looks serious in her Logan Square living room, where her then-11-year-old daughter Vivian plays.

“My name is Lori, and I’m running for mayor for our daughter and all the children of Chicago,” declares the LGBT supporters. When Vivian Lightfoot is spotted entering with a smug smile, soft music plays on the radio.

Lori states that she will do the same after.

“That’s why I won’t let anything stop me from making real changes in Chicago by breaking Ed Burke and the corrupt political machine’s hold on power.”

In the meantime, Lori Lightfoot daughter is flossing, a dance.

How did Vivian’s mother become the mayor of Chicago?

Lori, mother of Vivian Lightfoot, had been the mother of Vivian’s father, a Mayer Brown attorney representing numerous clients.

She was in this position until 2002 when she was appointed the Chief Administrator of the Chicago Police Department’s Office of Professional Standards. The government later shut down this agency to oversee the police. Her mother, a politician, was a Chicago Office of Disaster Management and Communications member in 2004.

She practiced in private practice for 11 years and served on the NARAL and ACLU Illinois Chapter boards.

Her role also worked as an external advisor for Bank of America. She was a 2012 U.S. Northern District of Illinois Lawyers finalist.

She returned to the government in the year 2015. After three years, Lori made public her plans for the 2019 Chicago mayoral run in May 2018.

Amy’s husband won the Chicago Mayoral race in the run-off election on April 2, 2019—the city’s first openly gay black Mayor.

In the second election in the second round, that ex-Chicago Police Accountability Task Force head took control of all 50 electoral districts, with more than 73% of the voters. The single mother took home each precinct in Chicago’s total of 2,069.

Is Vivian on Any Social Media Platforms?

In terms of social media accounts, Vivian Lightfoot uses only some of them. On the contrary, Lori is active on various platforms. She has more than 218K fans on Instagram and more than 12.1k followers on TikTok. Her profile is also very active on Twitter, attracting 274k followers.

Lori, a proud mom, often talks about what she is doing, her struggles, and exciting events in Chicago as Chicago’s Mayor via her various social media profiles. Although Lori Lightfoot daughter isn’t a social media user publicly, she has stated she’d be interested in joining Tiktok. Indeed, she has said she would like to create the TikTok film with her mother and friends.

Net Worth

What is the amount Vivian Lightfoot has in the bank? She participates in sports, and she is often observed running and participating in marathons. lori lightfoot daughter is from a wealthy family, and her net worth is believed to be somewhere between $200,000 and $300,000.


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