Wedding Decoration Ideas At Home

Wedding Decoration Ideas At Home

Deciding on the right wedding decorations at home for your reception may seem like a never-ending chore. Well-designed and simple wedding decoration ideas at home can enhance the venue and help to carry out your wedding’s theme. However, with a wealth of wedding decorations available online, it’s a challenge to decide which one is the most suitable option for your personal taste. If you’re not sure about how to choose, we’re here to assist you with 12 wedding decoration ideas at home.

1-Plan a Greenery Wall

Plan a Greenery Wall

The trend for statement florals is set to be everywhere in 2022. If you’re looking for some outstanding wedding decoration ideas at home, you should consider the idea of a wall with greenery. A clump of greens can give a new look to your reception area as well as be a great photo backdrop, too. You can leave your wall as it is or embellish it by adding an individual neon sign or string lights on the edges. If you’re looking to maximize your use the greenery wall could be utilized in any wedding venue. You can use it behind your altar to create a backdrop for your ceremony and then move the wall to your reception location for as many uses as possible.

2-DIY Entrance Signage

DIY Entrance Signage

Begin your guests off with a custom welcome board to make the evening more memorable. It’s simple to create your own invitation through free websites like Canva. Plus. The only thing you have to do next is print it on an affixed board. It’s the perfect sign to put up on your entryway with pertinent information. It will aid your guests to navigate to the location they want. 

3-Illuminate the Space with Fairy-Lights

Illuminate the Space with Fairy-Lights

Have an evening event you want to overcome? Make sure to brighten the venue by using the bistro lights or fairy lights. They aren’t expensive and are easy to decorate. If the location is outdoors you can hang your lights around trees and centerpieces. A function that is as enjoyable as your wedding ought to be as radiant as your smiling face! Don’t be hesitant to stock the lights that twinkle for your home. It is also possible to purchase colored lights if there’s a theme that you’re adhering to.

4-Outline the Dance Floor

Outline the Dance Floor

If you’d like your guests to groove on, you’ll have to provide them with the exact location to get their groove on. Because keeping the floor space clear is crucial, you must look up for your ideal spot. The hanging of disco balls, paper lanterns, balloons, garlands, balloons lights, or flowers over the dance floor is a sure way to convey the message.

5-Use Your Cake as Art

Use Your Cake as Art

Wedding cakes are not simply an indulgence. The year 2022 is when couples will be making their cakes into decorations with creative designs and hand-painted details. If you’re looking for simple wedding decoration ideas at home, work with your catering service or pastry chef to create the cake’s design that doubles as a work of art. It will be used as a decoration right from the moment guests arrive until your S.O. cut the first piece of cake together.

6-Source a Cake Topper

Source a Cake Topper

Take a minimalist approach in the case of topping your cakes. Instead of buying the typical “his and hers” figurines choose to create your own and personalize the cake design with your personal initials. Put it on the front of the cake and get to digging.

7-Hang Your Flowers

Hang Your Flowers

This list of simple wedding decoration ideas at home is incomplete without flowers. Flowers don’t have to be reserved to be used as centerpieces. The idea of arranging beautiful bouquets a couple of feet over the plates of your guests is a creative method to create an intimate setting. Letting flowers hang on the ceiling can provide a sense of depth to the space and can be a great method to change the ambiance and make it seem individual to the guests.

8-Construct a Reception Table Canopy

Construct a Reception Table Canopy

Have you ever seen an alfresco, trellis-like dinner arrangement and not salivated at the beauty of it? If your outdoor location does not come with this feature, or you’re having your party indoors, a custom-designed canopy is easily constructed and decorated with lush greenery and stunning flowers. It’s basically a pint-size version of an arch for ceremonies with its structure.

9-Visualize Your Table Settings

The table settings don’t have to be complex. When you’re done with each day, you require plates to serve the food, dishes for eating it and a napkin to ensure proper manners, and a place-card in the event you choose to assign seating. For each table setting to add some visual flair, select one item that stands out from the others. The brushed-gold cutlery is textured and is a perfect match with the delicately clothed linens. It is also possible to make the focal point of the plates by finding plates with intricate designs or opting for a more eclectic, mismatched design.

10-Mix In Colored Glassware

Mix In Colored Glassware

Setting out glassware with tinted glazes is a refreshing method of infusing color into your tablescape. Choose one hue for uniform color across your table, or mix and match various shades for a unique look. It’s also ideal if you’re buying from antique objects or using your own collection. Our favorites are the blue or amber hues. The combination of these simple wedding decorations at home will help you in getting good compliments from guests. 

11-Bring Some Color To The Chairs

Bring Some Color To The Chairs

Chairs are an essential element for wedding ceremonies and must be included when you’re decorating. Simply draping them or adding fresh flowers to the wedding venue will immediately light it up. Personalized chair tags are very popular this season. While ‘bride’ or ‘groom is an ideal name tag to put on your chairs, you could include your partner’s name as a sweet surprise!

Small personal touches can make your wedding more memorable.

12-Embellish With Candleholders

Embellish With Candleholders

Give a bit of extra height to your house decoration for wedding by utilizing candle holders. Mix and match colors and sizes to create a stylish and eclectic design. Explore textures such as wood, brass, or polished metals to give dimension. You can also add sheaths with tiny, cylindrical hurricane candles to intensify the shimmer.


Hope these wedding decoration ideas at home helped you in making your wedding more beautiful. Marriages are thought to be among the most significant and glamorous days of a person’s life. The celebration of love’s essence that lasts a lifetime, as well as the marriage between 2 souls. This event should be a special one by the bride and groom. Starting with the invitation cards to the shopping for food, decor & the guest list, everything has to be planned in a precise manner. If you have some other simple wedding home decoration ideas that you want to share, let us know in the comment section.